Who is Muhammad al-Yaqoubi?

Key details:

15/09/2016 from Hong Kong

-Muhammad al-Yaqoubi is a Syrian Islamic scholar who was born in Damascus, Syria. He comes from a family of Islamic scholars who has taught the Islamic sciences for centuries.

-He condemned ISIS for attacking and killing Muslim churches and priests. He strongly points out the separation of the Islamic religion and the terrorist organization is necessary because there is no justification of ISIS from its action.

-His book “Refuting ISIS” is a debate against ISIS’s religious and ideological foundations, stating the errors and the falsehoods of ISIS’s ideology.


Muhammad al-Yaqoubi took a different way, but possibly a more effective way to bring the ISIS down by attacking its ideology basis and make everything they claimed become invalid. Many people who joined the ISIS were because of its ideology, the people joined it know that ISIS knows that, and Muhammad al-Yaqoubi knows that as well. So ISIS made a great effort to spread its idea through the social media and every possible way, and Muhammad al-Yaqoubi did what they hope least, which is unveiling all those lies to the people making the “Islamic” in “Islamic States” breaks apart.