Warm and Hot War

Putin: U.S. Decision On Jerusalem Destabilizing Middle East


Russia continues to court Egypt and Turkey, I believe to further increase its influence in the region and to continue to undermine American and NATO influence in the region. Considering America’s position on Jerusalem it is likely that Russia will continue to gain favour with Egypt and may even be suggested as the new peace broker for the region. The loss of America’s neutrality in peace brokering over Jerusalem may signal a shift in power to Russia and strengthening relations with Egypt. Could this signal a shift away from Washington’s influence and towards increased influence from Moscow in Egypt?


Putin visits Egypt amid warming relationship between both countries


Putin seems to be pushing for closer relations both economically and militarily. The building of a nuclear reactor will probably set off alarm bells in Washington as well as Russian military aircraft using Egyptian bases. The Egyptians seem to be utilising both sides and using Russia’s presence in Syria to curtail Iranian Shiite influence. What will the recently announced partial withdrawal of Russian forces mean for Egypt’s future endeavours in Syria?