Updates on Minnesota Stabbings

Key Details:

7/10/2016 from Turkey

  • Adan moved to the US from Kenya with his family when he was a child.
  • He had withdrawn and shown an increased interest in religion,Thornton said. “Within the last several months, Adan became interested in Islam and began reading the Koran. We are told that Adan had not previously shown interest in religion,” he said.
  • Thornton, who said that Adan’s computer and other electronic devices, cautioned that increased religiosity is not an indicator, on its own, of a shift toward violent extremism. But he said that the religiosity coupled with other character changes and Adan’s behavior on the night of the attack suggested that he may have been moved by extremist thinking.
  • “There are reports he withdrew from his network of friends. He became less interested in playing basketball and Xbox. . . . He went from being an excellent student to almost flunking out of college overnight,” Thornton said.
  • Adan was also behaving strangely on the day of the attack. He left his job as a private security guard and came home at 3 p.m. on a day he was supposed to work until 10 p.m. He never changed out of his security guard uniform, as he typically would. And when a convenience store employee, where Adan was a regular, said “See you later,” Adan responded, “You won’t,” Thornton said.