Unarmed black man shot by police: El Cajon, California

Key details:

29/09/2016 from Turkey

-The device that an unarmed black man pointed at police officers in El Cajon, California just before he was shot was a vaping device, according to police.

-Protesters, in the streets of the San Diego suburb Wednesday, have questioned the police version of events, including why mental health experts were not dispatched with the officers who called to respond to reports of a man behaving erratically.

-Officials confirmed that the department does have an agreement with the Community Research Foundation’s Psychiatric Emergency Response Team, which sends licensed clinicians out with police officers who respond to mental health calls. But the single clinician who was on-duty with a police officer that day was out on another mental health call at the time of the incident.

-An attorney for Olango’s family said the Ugandan refugee was in the midst of having a mental breakdown as a result of his friend’s death.




In 2016, 197 black people killed by police (Guardian data base). According to mapping violence data this number is 217. Alfred Olango was one of them. Olango, an unarmed man with mental issues, was killed on sept 27 by police.

The first point is body cam. In this case, police was not wearing body cam. According to BBC, not all police around US wear body cam. Even if they wear, they have no obligation to release the footage. However,wearing body cam may reduce police violence. Also it can decrease protests to become worse or stop them from the start.

The second point is the clinicians. Since the clinician was busy and answering another mental health related incident, there was no clinician in this case. Even if the clinician was on duty, there should be back up for other incidents. Having clinician in the scene with police also may have an positive effect on incidents with mental illness related.