Three attacks in Nigeria launched by Boko Haram

Key Details:

20/09/2016 from Ukraine

-Boko Haram launched three attacks within hours on Monday in northeast Nigeria, Bauchi.

-First, a chief of Tallari village and his son were beheaded and their home set on fire along with others. Then a fire was opened on those who ran away killing 2 and injuring few others, according to Abbas Gavi of the Vigilante Group of Nigeria, a self-defense force.

-Tallari is near Chibok, from where 300 girls were kidnapped in 2014. Some escaped, but 217 still remain missing. Extremist organization would swap girls for detained group members, but negotiations with the government did not work as the group faced leadership struggle.

-Second, a convoy under military escort was ambushed.

-Third, eight Christians were shot dead while returning from a Sunday church service.

-President Muhammadu Buhari said on Monday at a meeting on the Genera Assembly that suicide bombings of Boko Haram became rare and Nigeria military reports that attacks became fewer and extremist are on the run.




According to the report on Washington Post, Boko Haram faced struggle for power and its activity got lower. What could these 3 attacks mean?

First, the beheaded chief and his son could be considered as assassination of the ruling person and his heir. In history such events happened in order to establish dominance over the domains of previous rulers. Possibly, in the given circumstances the aim of Boko Haram was to claim power over this territory.

Second, the ambushed convoy could work as a source of capabilities, such as weapons.

Third, the killing Christians could be victims to the way of how Boko Haram deals with people who follow other religions.

Therefore, even if organization got weaker it possesses a threat still, and as long as this threat considered it could be counteracted.