Texas Mosque destroyed in fire

Key details:

29/01/2017 from Japan


An early morning fire destroyed a mosque in Victoria, Texas on Saturday. The building of Islamic Centre has been a target of hatred since its foundation in 2000, and was burglarised just a week ago. In July 2013, “H8” (hate) was sprayed on the front of the building.
Though police does not confirm whether it was arson, it seems to be an act of a hate crime, given other mosques in the United States were also set on fire in the past. What needs to be noted is discrimination against Muslims by political leaders was seen just before this incident. Hours ago of the blaze, President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order which bans people from entering the United States from 7 countries in Middle East and North Africa. Furthermore, in a Capitol forum on Thursday, state Rep. Kyle Biedermann, Former state Rep. Molly White and Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne presented a negative view of Islam which associates Texas Muslims with terrorists and a threat to society, drawing condemnation from Muslim leaders and civil rights groups. These political leaders’ behaviours that present Muslims as a threat can legitimise and stir up acts of hate against them and create a domestic cleavage in the United States.