Syria: Aleppo Updates

Key Detail:


-More than 450 people have been killed since a US-Russia brokered ceasefire collapsed September 22.

-The US had no legal justification for attacking the Assad regime, while Russia had been invited to join the conflict on behalf of the Syrian leader.

-Russia warned the United States about taking direct action against the Syrian regime.

-Moscow warned that any American attempts to stop its assault would lead to “frightening tectonic shifts in the Middle East.



The US directly intervening in external events is not rare (for example: Japan-China relations). After 9/11, the approaches and methods have altered the actions taken by the US. Following up the introduction of the Bush Doctrine, the US must defend itself and even attack others before any action has been taken by others. Furthermore, the US exercise its military not within its boundaries but to intervene others which makes presidents and statesmen unsaturated while they cannot stop the US as its power in all aspects (economic, political and international status-pillar of several International Organisations) is so strong. This indicates relatively stronger countries such as Russia and China have some comments on it and their power enables them to make warnings to the US.