Syria Airstrike: Updates and new developments

Key Details:

27/09/2016 from Hong Kong

-Syria’s army took control of a rebel-held district in central Aleppo.

-Heavy airstrikes happened after days.

-The Aleppo maelstrom prompted Western powers to accuse Russia of committing possible war crimes.

-At least 11 civilians were killed on Tuesday (Syria’s army regain control).

-Over last weekend more than 200 people were injured.



This bombing indicates there worse relations between the US and Russia. As Syrian government could not control Aleppo due to chaotic circumstances and the messed up system. Then comes down to the business of the US and Russia, Aleppo is like the meat in a sandwich of the US and Russia. The US is now represented as the UN in this situation and they stood up for spontaneous help to Aleppo.