Shooting of Keith Lamont Scott: Charlotte, North Carolina

Key Details:

23/09/2016 from China

– According to the Police, Scott ‘posed an imminent deadly threat,’ but his family claims him to have been reading a book when he was shot by an undercover cop.
– Scott’s daughter live streamed a video on Facebook after the shooting & protesters took to the streets Tuesday night.
– Scott was married and was the father of 7 children.
– According to the police the officer who shot Scott has been placed on paid leave.
– Scott’s death comes a day after Bodycam footage was released from a controversial Oklahoma police shooting.



After the video was released,  Hillary Clinton tweeted “Charlotte should release police video of the Keith Lamont Scott shooting without delay. We must ensure justice & work to bridge divides. -H”

The voice of this video has showed an officer repeatedly commanding Mr. Scott to “Drop the gun,” with his wife, Rakeyia, shouting, “He has no weapon.” This circumstance like Rashomon, both sides are maintaining their words. However, without further evidence the police cannot do much.

Now, black voters are leaning towards Trump in the latest poll. Hillary is showing particular interest in this issue as she wants to win their support. However, since the officer who shot Scott is also black. Thus, the possibility of ethnic prejudice can be eliminated.

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