Shooting incident: Charlotte, North Carolina

Key details:

21/09/2016 from Hong Kong

-The protest was about the death of Keith Lamont Scott. He was shot dead by a police officer because he was armed, but the family of Scott claims the otherwise that he was actually reading a book at the time.

-Racial tension is highly involved in this Charlotte case since both Scott and the officer who killed him are black. This raises the protest of “Black Lives Matter”.



The Charlotte Case presents a concern of how the security of the US citizens is not protected since the police department seems to be overpowered. The police department of the US can cause a fatal shot onto a US citizen without having a proper explanation to the public is clearly violating the citizenship of the US citizens. This implies that the security of the US citizen is being undermined, the department which is responsible for the safety of the people becomes a threat to the public. This is also why there were so many people who participated in the protest, it’s because they were unsatisfied by the action the police took and failing to provide the protection that their citizenship deserves.