Serbian train graffiti: “Kosovo is Serbia” provokes military involvement

Key details:

16/01/2017 from Hong Kong


Since the declaration of independence in Kosovo in 2008, its relations with Serbia have continued to be tense. The news is mainly about a passenger train from Serbia to Kosovo, which has been reopened since 2008 and has been refused entry into Kosovo because of the body’s “Kosovo is Serbia” sentence that was written in different languages. This incident led to the continuation of the Kosovar dispute over the sovereignty of the Serbian side that Kosovo repatriation of the train acts provocative, and have the intention to provoke the war. But Kosovo also considers the behaviour of the other as a provocation. The relationship between Serbia and Kosovo continues to be tense. Although without Serbia’s endorsement, Kosovo was still endorsed by some countries, including the United States. From the relationship between Kosovo and Serbia, there are similarities to the Taiwan sovereignty events happening in the current International Community. Including when Serbia and Kosovo are simultaneously competing for EU membership, supporters on both sides in the international community are in agreement with Taiwan’s sovereign case.