‘Send in Marines to guard Channel against migrants’ demands senior MP

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05/09/2016 from the UK



Ok let’s break this down.

Using the best and most highly motivated trained marines in the world to guard against migrants I’m completely up for.

To know and understand that the job is being done to high standards of profession is good.

But the Uk’s best maritime force could be completely overstretched. With recruit numbers low how does 3Cdo brigade look and prepare for what’s being said in the commons.

How does such an elite section integrate with UK Border Forces?

My own opinion is you scrap the maritime section of the UKBF and hand over to the RN and let them deal with the whole situation so manpower is split RN/RM.

By increasing the amount of batch2 River class OSPV and possibly a new CDO unit that works off the back of 43CDO or simply increase the size of 43CDO With base on the south coast as well as the one in Faslane.

As for operations of how it’s put together and works we just go back to 1939-47 and improve on the good coastal development of defending and guarding and improve on what the UKBF had in place.