Security implications of Russia deploying cruise missile

Key details:

14/02/2017 from Qatar


It was reported that Russia secretly deployed a cruise missile which violates a significant arms accord treaty that ended the Cold War. It can be argued that the deployment of the cruise missile has security implications as the security advisor of President Trump’s administration retired on Monday due to his alleged call to Russia’s ambassador to the United States, Sergey Kislyakwhich regarding the relieving of sanctions from Russia before President Trump’s inauguration. With an acting security advisor to the White House for the time being, this security dilemma may hold not only domestic security issues but also international as the situation in Eastern Ukraine has not reached a resolution to a sustainable ceasefire and this deployment of the cruise missile by Russia will possibly be a threat to NATO countries as President Trump has repeatedly claimed during his election that he will resign the United States from NATO despite its establishment by the US. This would cause a deficiency in the relative power of its institution leaving the other members to fend for themselves under the threat of a Russian invasion which became fearful after the annexation of Crimea; and Ukraine wanted to join NATO because of this reason. Despite the previous administration pushed the neighbouring states of Russia to join they did not reach Ukraine as Russia invaded it as a threat to its own sovereignty as NATO has nuclear deterrence due to the United States. It can be argued that this may not be the last violation to the arms accord treaty which might lead to an arms race as the security of NATO countries continue to be threatened with the United States’ commitment to the military alliance will be tested if a solution is not reached in East Ukraine.