Unique training

The training programs of these units have been merged to create a unique hybrid training methodology that gives the student the benefit of several different perspectives on one topic. This ensures that the response of the Military/Law enforcement officer trained by DA-IC is seldom predictable to the criminal since the techniques employed are distilled from a wide cross section of practical experience. They are neither standard responses nor standard Special Forces responses but a hybrid mixture of both that is unique to DA-IC. All of our instructors are experienced Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) with experience ranging from Northern Ireland Internal ...
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Certified & Endorsed

We have a fully integrated E Learning platform for distance learning using military grade secure servers for program delivery. Direct Action International Ltd's E learning programs are fully compliant with Further Education National Training Organisation (FENTO) E Learning Standards 2005. The company works directly with Governments of friendly status with the UK. We have a specialist team of negotiators who are familiar with Government contract and procurement procedures and requirements ...
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DA-IC Ltd is a specialist training company. We design bespoke training packages for military, police and law enforcement units. We focus our training on specialists. Our packages are designed to raise the bar and create individual operatives and teams who have gone one step further, in their professionalism, aptitude, and attitude. The core training and management team at DA-IC have trained over 400 Specialist team members in several countries in the past twenty-two months. Direct Action International: CKelshall@da-ic.org Twitter: @directactionint LinkedIn: DA-IC Company Page ...
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