Russian superhighway: US to UK

Key details:

11/09/2016 from Hong Kong

-The Russian Railways head Vladimir Yakunin proposed the construction of a superhighway that able to link UK, Russia, Alaska and the US

-The entire highway will be 12,910 miles, linking 5 major cities( London, Moscow, Nome, Fairbanks, New York). An estimate of three trillion US dollars will be required to complete the project according to Trans-Eurasian Belt Development (TEPR).


Despite the large amount of capital and the manpower investment will be required to get this superhighway built, major national security issues are involved and that will become the obstacles of this project.

One of the major concern is that, the candidate of this year’s US President election, Donald Trump has always emphasized on his idea of building a wall on US border in order to enhance the national security of the US and to prevent potential terrorism. Building a highway that could link the world on the other hand, would be contradictory to his idea of shielding his country through a wall since it would open a potential entrance for the international terrorism against the US.

Having a linked road around the globe can increase the effect of globalization and economic activities between countries, but it also implies that the increase of the spread of terrorism, arm transactions and the flexibility of the terrorist groups. And this means a possible compromise of national securities.

At the present moment, the result of whether the global rode can be built or not is still unknown. But it will critically depends on which candidate will win the US Presidential election and how the various countries will view the nature of this project as a key of increasing global movement and to strengthen their economic power or an invitation to international terrorism.