Russian hackers exploited Kaspersky to steal data from NSA contractor

Key date: 7th October 2017

  • Russian hackers exploited a vulnerability in Kaspersky Lab’s software to steal sensitive cyber defense data from a United States National Security Agency contractor.
  • Incident occurred in 2015 and involved a contractor ignoring policy and loading information onto personal laptop to take home and work on.
  • Contractor worked in the NSA’s Tailored Access Operations unit, NSA’s own elite hacking division.
  • At the time, the NSA’s security was “sloppy”, because when they “work within the agency, they work on our systems,” quoted a spokesman.
  • Kaspersky Lab denied any “inappropriate” links to the Russian government.
  • Acting DHS Secretary Elaine Duke noted Kaspersky antivirus products provided “broad access to files” on computers running the software.
  • Kaspersky labs are a cyber security company founded in Russia and operated out of the UK by a holding company.