Reports of Shooting: Los Angeles

Key details:

29/08/2016 from Hong Kong

  • LAPD said the reports of a active shooter came from two callers
  • Parts of the airport had been evacuated, and the evacuation is still on-going
  • No official confirmation about how many shots being fired, according to witnesses on social media there are large presence of police responding to the security situation now at the airport.
  • Passenger gathered at tarmac after evacuation
  • Shooting maybe happening in terminal 4
  • No injuries reported yet
  • Police has been asking around if anybody saw anything
  • Reports of a gunman at LAX cannot be verified. Airport police urging people to remain calm


Update: False alarmed. This sort of incident didn’t just happenned once, but also in august 2013, similar incident happened at F. Kennedy International Airport but reported no shooter found. Panic is as good as the real thing. Same chaos results. Often responses to false alarms are monitored.