Possible ISIS attack with Chemical weapns

Key details:

22/09/2016 from Hong Kong

-ISIS fighters are believed to have attacked U.S. and Iraqi forces with a “crude” chemical weapon.

-No one was injured in the attack.

-There were “no signs of exposure” shown by any U.S. troops.

-Tuesday’s assault is believed to be the first chemical attack on U.S. forces in Iraq since they returned to the country in 2014.

-The attack has yet to be confirmed.



ISIS makes itself sound by placing suicide attacks, bombs, and shootings which bring fears to every human being. Yet, this time, it’s different, what we don’t know is that ISIS does not only have physical machinery weapons (guns and bombs) as we get so used to ISIS image that they present themselves accompanied with blood. Now we are going to the next phase of this game, chemical weapons, using toxic gases or agents to harm humans without a drop of blood but still bring massive damage (e.g.burning skin or acid rain). In accordance with 5th Generation Warfare it would be bio-weapons.