Maritime Counter Terrorist Tactics & Delivery

Maritime Counter Terrorist Tactics & Delivery Training details

The following programs deliver operational procedural training generating working and dynamic SOPs for new and evolving operational units. The programs are direct action oriented with a mix of practical wet work, skills house and classroom sessions. Extensive practical drilling, targetry and table top planning exercises report writing and debriefing are all given emphasis. The following Blocks can be combined to create a tailor made training package designed around the needs of individual units or operational requirements.

Project Details

  • Hostage and Barricaded Persons Response Teams
  • Direct Action Response Teams
  • Offshore Energy Security Response Teams
  • Port Facility Response Teams
  • Energy Port Facility Response Teams
  • Covert Surveillance and Reactionary Operations
  • Joint Operations in Support of Police Operations
  • Maritime Clandestine Infiltration or Delivery Role
  • Offshore and Onshore Energy Installation Protection
  • Military Air Diving Foundation Course
  • Military Oxygen Diving Course
  • MCT Sniper Considerations Course
  • Maritime Operations & Planning Course
  • MCT Supervisors Course
  • Assault Coxswains Supervisors Course
  • Advanced (High Speed) assault Coxswain course
  • Assault Divers Course
  • Assault Team tactics
  • Maritime Operations Planning
  • Advanced Explosive/Methods of Entry Certificate
  • Advanced Tactical Anti-siege Team Techniques Certificate

Project Details

  • Border Security Training
  • Narcotics and Banned Substances Handling
  • SOCO considerations
  • Hi speed interdiction
  • Board and Search Protocols
  • Container Search
  • Cargo ship Search
  • IED recognition and awareness
  • Trends
  • Multi-agency joint operations SOPs
  • Planning
  • Table top drilling
  • Wet and dry tactics training
  • MCT Boarding (wet)
  • MCT Ops Planning (dry)-Operational Team Leaders
  • Container ships Tactics and SOPs
  • Cruise ships Tactics and SOPS
  • Break Bulk Cargo Tactics and Sops
  • Energy transport Tactics and Sops
  • Yachts
  • Powered craft