Intelligence Training

Intelligence Training with DA-IC

We deliver tailor made intelligence programs to Governments of friendly status with the UK. These programs focus on operational procedures and in the generation of SOPs on the conclusion of a training program. Our programs are designed not just by former operatives but by individuals who have spent their careers actually running Intelligence Divisions, former Directors and Heads of Departments. DA-IC specialises in delivering Joint Operations Proven Best Practice SOPs and our aim is to ensure that your multi-unit agency or multi-unit operation works effectively and efficiently.

One of the key benefits of DA-IC is the fact that we have the experience and operational knowledge of several different services and are thus able to distil best practice in a unique hybrid methodology. We can therefore deliver a program that includes elements of several different services. All material is considered restricted and training templates are designed specifically for the client agency and remain with the client agency. Our training contracts include a use of information declaration. Our approach is extremely clear cut. We deliver techniques. We train SOPS for good practice and we deliver functional operational templates and individuals on completion of our programs.

Project Details

Every country and agency is individual in its culture and style of operation and we emphasise training in your environment on your existing equipment. We also design systems that work in your cultural environment and tailor make block programs to suit management and operational style and tempo. DA-UK deliver Intelligence training ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY to National Intelligence Agencies, Government agencies, Police Forces and Military Units. There are no circumstances where non- accredited or non attached civilians are considered for training. Full CV and passport details are provided prior to courses beginning so that client agencies have the opportunity to verify and confirm the legitimacy and status of our instructors. Course content is determined in advance with client agency liaison and we remain in contact with and on call for the agency in the event assistance is needed in an emergency or large scale event.

Intelligence Training outlines

Operative Contracts and Human Resource (Intelligence) Specialist Officer Training This course is designed by a Former Head of Department and covers the major human resource considerations that agencies and services will deal with on a day to day basis. This course covers the key areas of confidentiality, service and separation related issues and meets the specialist needs of administering the complex human resources required within an intelligence service. Service Record templates, Operational Cover templates and Documentation are discussed. Service Separation and SOPS for Compromised Operatives are outlined in detailed and successful completion of the course requires a written staff paper on one of the topic areas. On completion of this course the HR(I) Specialist will be able to design contractual requirements for different grade of operatives and staff members, develop and use functional SOPs and ensure smooth separation from the service. SOPs for future work by separated officers are also covered.

Functional Collection Planning and Operations

This course covers the following: Surveillance, open and closed source research, analytical report writing and Operational Briefing SOPs.

Functional Intelligence Management

This course outlines SOPS, Threat and Risk Assessment methodologies at both operator or executive national level depending on the requirement of the client agency. It also discusses Financial SOPs and Tasking SOPs.

Standard Operating Procedures for Intelligence Units

Standard SOPs and proven best practice are generated on completion of this block of training. Agencies will draft or amend their procedures for every operational activity including: weapon carriage, car rental, surveillance and counter surveillance, personnel advisories on conduct with separated agents, foreign agents, report templates, operations briefing templates, after action reviews, Agent interaction procedures and guidelines etc. Over 40 different sets of SOPs will be examined along with demonstrations of the functional operation of and requirement for agency wide and uniform SOPs which are operational in intent and design. The SOPs are critical in indoctrination of new agency members and in the debrief of separating agents and officers

Analyst Training

Analytical techniques, Best Practice and Case Based Cognitive Bias awareness and elimination training. Case and Desk Officer Team Training and Team Building. The importance and use of double desking, SOPs and techniques for Best Practice methods for double desk team analysis on case, desk, event and incident operations.

HUMINT Development and Recruitment / CHIS Operator Training Packages

This in-depth course program delivers SOPs and Best Practice for the selection, identification, motivation, financial and other management and operation of human sources of intelligence.

Humint handlers as well as those charged with managing Humint operations will benefit from this program.

HUMINT Handlers and Functional Witness Protection Program Managers

This course is designed for unit heads and supervisors who are responsible for human resources and witness protection programs. The key areas covered are: The management, administration and tasking of field agents and confidential informants. Operations SOPs, Good Practice audits, witness protection SOPs and Management systems. The course is delivered in two parts. The witness Protection Administration and Management course is delivered as part two of the training program.

  • Surveillance (Elint)
  • Surveillance (Humint)
  • Surveillance Short courses in new and available technology.
The surveillance courses cover SOPs for general operations. The courses can be delivered at basic, intermediate and advanced level depending on client requirement. They focus not just on traditional methods of foot, vehicle surveillance but also on technology available and on electronic techniques as well as surveying available equipment. We specialise in joint operations SOPs and train operatives from different agencies to work together effectively.

Joint Service Intelligence Tasking Groups and SOPs.

SOPs and best practice for ‘Specially’ stood up tasking groups for case, incident and event operations at national level, intra unit and HQ operations levels.

Intelligence Led Operations Planning

This course covers the fundamentals in planning, approving and utilising multi-agencies in intelligence led operations. Proven SOPs for operation type, briefing templates and methodologies are covered.

Elicitation and Social Interrogation

Techniques for both subliminal and designated after action interviewing with both field agents, operatives and other human sources

Briefing and Debriefing

Structured interviewing in addition to report writing techniques and methodology specially designed for input and integrated use with existing, currently available Intelligence software.

Surveillance Operations and Equipment Purchase and Integration Consultancy

The delivery of the best equipment for the use required given cultural and operational considerations of individual client agencies. Full audits and SOPs are also delivered as part of our consultancy.

Functional and Operational Terrorism Awareness and Mitigation

This course is not a historical overview, it is not a definition course and it does not cover religious practices. This is a dynamic course that illustrates. Who are key wanted terrorists for the region or country in question. Where they are operating and where their next suspected targets are. What their modes of operation are. How they conceal, smuggle and build weapons of single medium and mass destruction. Current information on movements, connections and trends are covered. Intelligence service mitigation strategies are reviewed and updated. For further information please contact: Director: Specialist Military and Police Training at