PKK Attacked Turkish Armoured Vehicle

Key details:

29/08/2016 from Turkey

  • Message in video: On August 23rd at 10.30 our guerilla forces sabotaged an armoured vehicle. No clear count on dead/wounded soldiers.

BMC KIRPI MRAP – Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle

  • 375 PS Engine
  • 4×4 Wheel Configuration
  • Fully Automatic Transmission
  • 10-15 Full Armed Personnel Transport Capacity
  • Protected against Mine, Ballistic and IED Threats
  • Manual Turret / Remote Controlled Weapon Station
  • CTIS – Central Tyre Inflation System
  • Run-Flat Tyres
  • Automatic Fire Suppression System
  • A/C



VIDEO: PKK attack Turkish armoured vehicle in the south east of the country. 


KIRPI armoured vehicle  

29/08/2016 from Turkey


  • ‘Even if they attack ‘KIRPI’ there won’t be any death casualty or damage would be minimum’.
  • However, in 2014, 3 soldiers died and 8 were wounded when a KIRPI flipped in Hakkari (a few kilometres away from the Turkish-Iraqi border).