Police Shooting of Terence Crutcher: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Key details:

22/09/2016 from Hong Kong

-Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby fatally shot Terence Crutcher, a 40-year-old unarmed black man, after his car was found abandoned in the middle of the road.

-The Police Department in Tulsa, Oklahoma released a video which shows Mr. Crutcher raising his hands, walking toward a car and leaning against it. He was then tasered by one officer, Tyler Turnbough, and fatally shot by Officer Shelby.

-Officer Shelby’s lawyer, Scott Wood, said the officer had thought that Mr. Crutcher had a weapon. Mr. Wood said Mr. Crutcher had acted erratically, refused to comply with several orders, tried to put his hand in his pocket and reached inside his car window before he was shot.

-However, some scenes cannot be seen because of angles of camera. Thus, there are some disputes in accounts from both sides.



This incident would cause more hatred and fear for police among the black community. The video which shows Mr. Crutcher with his hands up being shot would give people a ruthless impression of the police, although a lawyer of the officer claimed the action was erratic. In addition, the officer shot him regardless of him being tasered. That makes it more difficult for police to explain reasons for the shooting. If people are more afraid that the police may shoot them for an unclear reason, they would try to protest against police in order to protect themselves.