North Korea’s Nuclear Test: China

Key details:

09/09/2016 from China

-Chinese seismic network officially measured: 8:30 on September 9th in North Korea (41.40 degrees north latitude and 129.10 degrees east longitude) 5 earthquake occurred, focal depth of 0 km. North Korea Central Television said on 9th, North Korea successfully carried out nuclear tests.

-According to an interview in Jilin province Yanbian CCTV reporter reports, Yanji felt obvious. People can clearly feel the furniture in the room shaking. However, in a very short duration, no large-scale evacuation. Jilin Yanji people shooting video display, the on 9th at 8:35 in the morning, Yanji City East Hill Primary School, the school organized the students after the earthquake hedge. Has returned to normal classes.

-Japan set up the Department of emergency Response:
Japan’s emergency response headquarters in Japan, foreign minister Kishida Fumio said on the morning of 9, the Japanese Foreign Ministry has set up emergency response headquarters, if it is confirmed that the nuclear test, North Korea is in violation of United Nations resolutions on the Pyongyang declaration, the six party talks joint statement. At the same time, Kishida said: the Japanese side to the Japan US alliance, Japan and South Korea together as the foundation, sharing, collection, analysis of information, to deal with; if it is confirmed that North Korea conducted a nuclear test, the solemn protest, and will seek in the UN Security Council emergency response.


-CCTV review (regarded as China’s position).
-Why did North Korea conduct a fifth nuclear test?
North Korea conducted a fifth nuclear test, mainly because the first four did not reach the expected target. Military expert Du Wenlong said North Korea several times this nuclear test explosion principle belong to the first generation of nuclear weapons. North Korea has proposed atomic bomb nuclear weapon miniaturization, lightweight and practical goal. But from the test analysis, the main goal of North Korea is reliability. North Korea’s nuclear test is to verify the reliability to explosive devices, through the cumulative number of acquiring more data. Chinese International Institute researcher Yang Xiyu said that the North Korean nuclear test is established, as long as North Korea has not yet completed bomb (hydrogen bombs and missiles with the mature), intercontinental ballistic missile is available, reliable, North Korea will have a new nuclear test.

-Why at this time to conduct a fifth nuclear test?
Chinese International Institute researcher Yang Xiyu said today that North Korea’s nuclear test, this time just to avoid the two important multilateral summit, G20 summit and the East Asia Summit. G20 summit in 5, the East Asia Summit also ended yesterday, North Korea today, is to do careful political calculation, it does not want to let their nuclear test become the object of global summit on the platform. While avoiding the condemnation of the East Asia Summit, but can not be ignored is that the East Asia Summit yesterday by the North Korean nuclear issue statement. South Korea, the United States, Russia and other countries China, signed a statement Du Wenlong. Military experts said that this time the North Korean nuclear test, also intends to take effect in South Korea. Mass destruction deterrence nuclear test window of only a few months under the condition of North Korea No delay is to avoid the.2008 November U.S. presidential election in November, Obama came to office in 2009 May, North Korea conducted its second nuclear test, which led to Obama for North Korea’s policy has been relatively negative. But the core of North Korea’s foreign relations is the DPRK-US relations, North Korea for the sake of DPRK-US relations, but also try to learn the last lesson, don’t again in the United States at the beginning of the new president to conduct a nuclear test. In addition, in August 22nd, the United States launched the “Ulchi freedom Guardian annual joint military drill, North Korea has published a white paper in September 2nd, condemned the Korea US military exercises. Military expert Du Wenlong said that North Korea is intended to protest nuclear US South Korea military exercises, the formation of asymmetric combat ability.