North Korea’s 5th Nuclear test

Key details:

09/09/2016 from Hong Kong

-The fifth and possibly the largest scale of nuclear test that North Korea currently has done.

-A successful test after the failure of the fourth test in January, 2016.

-South Korea has the immediate reply describing the test as a”maniacal recklessness”.

Assessment:The fifth test clearly escalated the tension between North Korea and the International society especially with South Korea. The event alarms the world that North Korea’s nuclear ambition showed in this fifth test is implying that sanctions against North Korea’s nuclear test can no longer hold it off. The test is a violation of the United Nations Security Council resolution since North Korea has been ignoring the sanctions from UN and kept provoking it by launching more and larger nuclear tests. This also implies that North Korea is growing more aggressive and dangerous by increasing the range of their ballistic missiles in order to “prevent invasions”.