North Korea fires Ballistic Missile 

Key Details:


  • North Korea fires ballistic missile at 7:50am local time, was launched from North Korea’s south hwanghae province.
  • One exploded after launch and the other was tracked over North Korea and into the Sea of Japan.
  • It is assumed a Rodong missile — a different spelling of the No Dong missile — was fired (South Korean Defense Ministry).



Key Details:


  • The missile appeared to be a Rodong-Type medium-range missile. Flew approximately 1000 km.

–South Korean official stated there was one launch.

–However, the U.S. Strategic Command said two missiles were detected, but one was exploded immediately after launch.

  • North Korea had threatened a physical respond to the THAAD deployment.

–Japanese Defense Minister Gen Nakatani said this is a “serious threat” to Japan’s security.

–Tokyo stated it’s self defence force remains on alert.