New challenges in Syria as militants weaponized drones

Key Detail:

12/10/2016 from Hong Kong

  • Hezbollah and the Islamic State group have learned how to weaponize surveillance drones




There is a rising potential concern over the experimental small, flying bombs by the Islamic State group. However, a drone is unable to carry a massive amount of explosive, but it is considered as a psychological factor to contain a small amount. This effect of the weaponize drones that are increasingly being used to surveillance has the potential danger to create damage once the drone explode, especially if it were to launch overcrowded cities.

Every pieces of news is being filtered by organisations and government that means the public only receive maybe the 10%of the fact of what is going on yet they do not have enough awareness to protect themselves. There are various reasons for the needs of filtering news, maybe do not want to trigger fears to the citizens that the fact was too tragic. “Lebanon-based Hezbollah has claimed to have armed-drone capabilities for nearly two years, but a recent video of bomblets hitting a militant camp near the Syrian town of Hama is the first known documentation” This indicates there are a lot of uncovered military actions, weapons and technologies that the public have no clue or never heard of. By the time a news is published, everything is too late.

However, there is nothing we can do as we as a part of the public, we do not involve any decision-making process (at least in military part).