Muslim Woman Set on Fire in New York

Key details:

13/09/2016 from Ukraine

• Scottish woman wearing traditional Muslim garb got her cloth set on fire by the unknown man.

• Criminal did not say any word and walked away from a crime scene.

• Police identified incident as a hate crime.

Recent terrorism related events in the world led by radicalized Muslims have caused securitization against Muslims within the multicultural society. As Muslim woman was target, the police related the incident to the hate crime.

As people feel threatened they would use any measures they find appropriate to counteract the threat. Globalization could appear to be the tool for the spread of hate crime and, thus, violence targeting Muslims around the globe.

However, the case also could be viewed as and incident caused by the mental health issue. If the attacker is not Muslim, it is considered as a hate crime that should be pointed out.

It should be clear that there is a difference between people who chose to follow ideology of their religion and these who misinterpret it. Therefore, society should be informed of how to differentiate the above and avoid the harm to the innocent.