Munich Shooting 

Key Details:


  • At least 9 people were killed in shopping centre during Munich attack, Germany, according to police officials.
  • 3 attackers were seen when the city was under virtual lockdown and residents warned to stay home. Restaurants along with other public places closing and transport shutting down.
  • Shooting happened in Olympia’s shopping mall McDonalds.
  • Gunfire was reported in several places.
  • Children were also targeted.




  • Illegally purchased the pistol used – 9mm Glock 17 – through the ‘dark web’.
  • Suffered depression and anxiety.
  • The gunman was under psychiatric care in a hospital for two months in 2015.
  • Left behind a long written statement on his computer, police said.
  • He had also visited the German town of Winnenden, the site of a deadly 2009 school shooting.
  • Heimberger also said the gunman apparently planned the attack for a year.


Assessment: Munich Shooting

It is about the expectation that the other identities will react with violence (Violent transnational social movements, Far right, Pro German). It is not feasible expecting one side to be violent and the other not to rise to the security dilemma. That is a social identity based security dilemma, therefore more equal violence which relates to Fifth generation war. That is, social groups and individuals against each other based on identity and a rejection of the state as a protector.