ISIS insired stabbing in Shopping Mall: Minnesota

Key details:

19/09/2016 from Turkey

-Dahir A. Adan (22 yrs old), said to be a Somalian, stabbed 9 people in Minnesota, St Cloud. The attack took place in a shopping mall this Saturday evening. After the attack, the suspect had been shot by police.

-According to police, the attacker made references to Allah during his rampage and asked victims whether they are Muslim before attacking. Seven men and two women injured in this attack, between the ages of 15 to 53.

-The attacker was wearing security outfit. On weekends, Adnan worked as a security guard at Electrolux Home Products.

-Other family members said Dahir Adan was beginning his third year as a student at St. Cloud State University.

-ISIS claimed attack via its propaganda channel, Amaq News Agency.



This is the 7th stabbing incident happened this year. And the second one in US (Virginia stabbing). There is no information yet but the attacker made this plan prior. Wearing security outfit shows he was dedicated his ‘duty’. He drew a normal/low-key profile which makes it harder to predict before.

According to his family and people who knew him, he was a good person and minding his own business. It might be possible he radicalised via internet. Asking victims if they are Muslim is another interesting point. Not killing Muslims is something that AQ does. According to FBI director; “The number of Americans seeking to travel to join ISIL dropped from roughly 10 per month in summer 2015 to about two this year. However, the FBI has not seen a drop in the number of ISIL-related investigations it’s opening, Comey said, with roughly 1,000 open in all 50 states.”

Due to the IS caliphate losing its territory and starting to collapse, group encourages and call supporters to carry out attack at their homelands. This is why the numbers are not dropping. Instead, supporters prefer not to travel but stay and wait the perfect time to strike. Also, it is likely that because all eyes on IS, traveling to caliphate is risky.–this-is-the-man-behind-the-minnesota-mall-knife-attack.html