Milwaukee Shooting

Key details:

14/08/2016 from UK

  • Saturday afternoon, 23 years old, hand gun armed, man shot dead by the Milwaukee police officer caused spite among citizens, which has led to violent protest.
  • Police said that gunman previously known to the police due to his long arrest record. Also he carried a semiautomatic handgun, which was reported stolen in a pillage, Waukesha in March.
  • 24 years old Officer, 6 years in service in police department (3 as an officer), fired few shots asked to drop a gun, but gunman refused. Police officer was not injured in the attack, but placed on administrative duty as investigation goes.
  • Body camera, which was on the officer is the main tool for the investigation.
  • No more information about the participant of the accident is provided by the police.
  • Woman made a post in Facebook about killing her brother, who appeared to be a suspect. She and her family identified man as Sylville Smith.
  • At Saturday’s night, on the Milwaukee’s north, participants of the movement caused damage to several stores and attacked the police with rocks. According to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, social media has been used by protestors to involve more participants to the protest.
  • Initial crowd estimated 100 individuals.
  • Witnesses state that major part of participants are black people. According to City Alderman Khalif Rainey, protest is a result of injustice experienced by black citizens of the city.
  • Local officials planned on meeting with community leaders and church in order to find the solution that leads away from violence.