Meat Cleaver Attack

Key details:

16/09/2016 from Turkey

-A Muslim man,Akram Joudeh (32) who attacked an off-duty police man with a meat cleaver in the middle of the Manhattan has been shot 18 times by officers.

-He tried to remove a wheel clamp from his illegally-parked car.

-He has a long criminal history.

-According to officials, Joudeh pulled out an 11-inch cleaver from his waistband and began running.

-Officers joined in the pursuit, and one uniformed sergeant deployed a stun gun to no effect.
-The man turned and ran, Mr Schneier said. He ran one city block and then jumped on top of a NYPD car.

-An off-duty detective, on his way home from working at Penn Station, tried to subdue Joudeh but he was hit on the head with the cleaver, leaving a six-inch gash from the temple to the jaw.

-Three uniformed NYPD officers then fired a total 18 times at Joudeh, striking him several times.