London Knife attack in Russell Square

Key Details:


  • 1 dead six injured
  • Attacker is a man with a knife

–19-year old man was taken into custody in the hospital.

–The police said mental health was a major factor in this event.

  • Local authorities announced London will increase the presence of armed police.

–Terrorism has not been rule out.

  • The attack happened in Bloomsbury district – Russell Square

–The area is a popular tourist district (including the British museum, hotels and main university buildings).

–Also in July, 2005 , a bomb attack happened also in Russell Square underground.





  • Victim of a fatal knife attack in central London overnight was an American woman in her 60s.
  • The attack scene:

-London’s Russell Square, Thursday.

  • Authorities’ main line of inquiry was around mental health issues.
  • Police had arrested a 19-year-old man on suspicion of murder.

-The suspect is a Norwegian national of Somali origin.

  • Victims – an Australian, American, Israeli and British.
  • Officers used a stun gun on the suspect, and he was arrested less than 10 minutes later.
  • London Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said “At this time we believe this was a spontaneous attack and the victims were selected at random”.



Assessment: London Knife Attack

Another case of a lone wolf attack – based on the use of a knife and the attack on random targets show that. Furthermore, the police’s statement that the attack was spontaneous reveal the unpredictable nature of this attack. Similarly, the attack in Nice and the previous ones in Germany had been the same. They were carried out by people who had trouble integrating into the civic society their passports represent due to their origin by blood (Nice – Tunisian; Munich – Iranian; London -Somali). The overall impact of these attacks is the disintegration of the Grey Zone. The obvious yet overlooked cause is a differentiation of citizens by culture caused by the current regime’s moving away from multiculturalism (Brexit). This incident will not be the last despite gun control in Britain due to constructivist idea of relations by identity that cause more division than unison.