Kremlin: Potential of opening military bases in the Caribbean and Southeast Asia

Key words:

16/10/2016 from Qatar

-As US-Russian ties continue to break over Syria, the Kremlin is busily working behind the scenes to ramp up its global reach with military bases from the Caribbean to Southeast Asia.

-On October 7, Deputy Defense Minister Nikolai Pankov told parliament that Moscow is “calmly” taking a new look at its decision of having closed the Soviet-era bases in Vietnam and Cuba in 2002.

-The pro-Kremlin daily Izvestia reported that Moscow and Cairo are in secret talks for Russia to reclaim a Soviet-era air base at Sidi-Barrani by 2019 — a move that would give the Russian military a permanent presence in North Africa.

-Moves to expand Russia’s global military footprint would be in keeping with President Vladimir Putin’s efforts to portray the country as a resurgent power.


Russia opening bases in Cuba, Vietnam, and Egypt would be a giant step to reverse the post-Soviet retreat of its military. As the conflict in Syria escalates the number of times the US-led coalition and the Russian-backed forces confront each other escalates. Such confrontations have dispelled the ceasefire agreement and the two players are left in a duel without words – each sending proxy warning signals – this case being one of them. History showcases the implications of such confrontations as a reflection of the arms race of deterrence between the European Empires prior WWI. Trade agreements between either player and a third party is now considered a race for gaining allies, an example of this is in:

-The ease of trade between the US and Cuba and the opening of an American base in the Communist countries.

-The oil deal between Russia and Saudi Arabia/ the defence missile deal between Russia and India.

As such, the world is entering a pessimistic time when tensions are increasing day-by-day as the potential of a new Cold War aproaches.