Kim Jong Nam killed in Malaysia Airport

Key details:

14/02/2017 from Hong Kong


-Kim Jong Nam killed by two unknown identity female assassins
-Who is behind the event is unsure but speculations are Kim Jong Un himself or parties that oppose to North Korea
-Implications: If Kim Jong Un did it himself, which means he feels Kim Jong Nam might threaten his position and decided to kill him to secure his personal cult and position.
If the attack is against North Korea, it would likely to be violently solved according to Kim Jong Un’s executing style.

The eldest brother in Kim Jong Il’s family, Kim Jong Nam was killed at Malaysia airport on 14/2, 2017. Sources said he was killed by two female (not yet confirm of identity) by poisonous needles, and the two female then took the taxi to escape the scene after the assault. According to what the Malaysian government’s basic report, Kim Jong Nam was protected and surrounded by securities so it would take a highly skilled agent to execute the assault on Kim Jong Nam and even more difficult to kill him.

Kim Jong Nam is a half-brother to the Kim Jong Un, the current leader of the North Korea. Kim Jong Nam was once expected to be the son who will take over North Korea instead of Kim Jong Un, until Kim Jong Il found out he travelled to Japanese Disneyland and trying to promote ‘Reform and Opening up’ in North Korea like China did, which contradict with II’s ideology. After Kim Jong Un took over North Korea, Kim Jong Nam has lived under Chinese government’s protection and often openly criticized about the inheriting tradition for three generations in the North Korean government. Besides that, sources also mentioned that Kim Jong Nam still has some high-ranking military officials in the North Korea government that still claimed loyal to him.

This creates speculation of whether Kim Jong Un killed his half-brother in order to secure his position as the leader of North Korea since he has been eliminating opposing power even family members ever since he took over.