Japan to Boost South China Sea Role with U.S.

Key details:

17/09/2016 from the UK

  • Japan’s Defence Minister Tomomi Inada stated Japan will increase its engagement in the South China Sea, by Maritime Self-Defense Force joint training cruises with the US Navy, bilateral and multilateral exercises with regional navies and providing capacity building to neighbouring countries.
  • In the meeting of Inada and US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter, he guaranteed Japan is covered by the US nuclear umbrella. Japan showed its concern after Obama said he considers of abandoning the policy of the first-use option of nuclear weapon.



After Philippines president Duterte claimed that US troops should stay out of his country and caused anxiety among its alliances about cooperation between the US and Philippines, this statement by Japan’s defence minister demonstrated a solid relationship between Japan and the US to its alliances.
Capacity building provided to neighbouring countries can encourage them to counter China. The neighbouring countries are considered to be Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore. Those countries do not have enough power to deter China and China has tried to divide them through its economic power.


Inada meets Carter during Washington visit