India and Russia sign S-400 defence missile deal

Key details:

15/10/2016 from HongKong

  • India has confirmed a deal with Russia of purchasing the S-400 defence missile system for $5 billion.
  • S-400 is a long-range air defence missile system that has capability to destroy any incoming hostile aircraft or drone at ranges of up to 400km.



India and Russia have been in talks over a year for the purchase of at least five systems of S-400, now that the deal is certain, it means India has strengthened their military power (or defence power) and become stronger as a nation itself. Besides the missile system, the deal also includes the purchase of the Kamov 226T helicopters and an agreement to build frigates for the Indian Navy, both of which make Russia the primary defence supplier of India instead of the US, strengthening the relationship between India and Russia. All these imply that that pact is a game changer not only to the regional military status, but also to the international relations.