Houston shootings

Key details:

27/09/2016 from TURKEY


-9 people have been shot and wounded by active shooter in Houston,Texas.

-The shootings took place near a pet shop located in an affluent part of Houston.(KTRK ABC13)

-According to a witness: ‘the gun he was using sounded like a rifle”

-The shooter shot and killed by police.

-The suspect’s name is Nathan DeSai.

-Police found guns found in suspect’s car.

-The investigation continues.

-Motivation is unclear.


From Heavy,

=DeSai got a law degree at the Uni. of Tulsa,according to his LinkedIn.

=He was an attorney.


From Breitbart’s coverage,

=The suspect’s father told he had multiple guns and a Texas Licence to Carry.

=According to his father, he has been upset at the failure of the law firm.

=A client of him wrote a Yelp comment that describing him ‘unprofessional’.

=There was an incident at his apartment which he got angry and came outside with a gun and threatened people.

=He doesn’t have any criminal records.

=A person who knew him identified DeSai as ‘the nicest and friendliest guy’.


From Fox News,

=The suspect wore vintage military uniform with Nazi symbol.

=The police found historic and vintage military items “going back to the Civil War” at his apartment.

=He used a ‘Tommy Gun’.



There are very interesting facts about this incident.
Firstly, he is an Indian-American,he or his family migrate US in some point. He had a uni degree and was an attorney. However,business went bad.
Then wearing Nazi uniform and shooting people.

Possibilities according to what we know so far:
-he had mental disorder and made his combination which made him to this attack.
-he was a supporter of nazi movement,so this was a reaction of the incidents happened in US by other migrants.