French Jihadi Recruitment 

Key details:


  • Omsen, 41 years old French jihadi, who is responsible for 80% of French young recruits.
  • The video he released in the Internet named “19HH” includes famous “Apple” brand computer, high quality effects and rap music, religion and conspiracy theory.
  • Man born in Senegal and moved to Nice, France, when he was young.
  • French reports state that he was radicalized during several spells in prison. In 2013 moved to Syria, where he became a head of jihadi brigade.
  • Omsen appears to be a spiritual leader to his followers, who look up to him like people look to the heads of a sects, accusing to Fouad El Bathy, who is a witness of Omsen in action in Syria.



Assessment: French Jihadi Recruitment

Firstly, the environment, in which jihadi operates is one of the reasons why young people are weak to propaganda, in particular, “Apple” technology and rap music. These are trends in young people’s society.

Secondly, according to the witness, it can be seen that Osmen is charismatic speaker, who obtains a talent to attract attention, especially, of young people.

Therefore, to decrease the influence of jihadi propaganda, there should be appropriate strategy applied to counteract the influence of people’s minds. First, mass media should warn citizens about the dangers of propaganda, targeting young people in particular. Networks like Facebook, apps like Instagram are the tools to make a strategy  successful. Second, it is known that ISIS radicalization got well use of famous tools of Western society, such as social networks and apps mentioned above. Which means, that since the West is announced as an enemy to ISIS, transnational social movement uses weapons made by their enemy. Thus, the question is why not to adopt strategy, that is used to fight IS, to the tricks used by the organization itself?  ISIS uses not only force, but intelligence in this war, and to win a war one of participants has to be smarter than his opponent. Force not always is a solutions and not the only way to victory.