FBI issues report on Black Lives Matter as possible domestic threat

Key Details: 23/11/2017

This article addresses a report produced by the FBI issued in August in response to the Black Lives Matter movement in which it is believed to be contributing to the domestic terrorist threat in the USA, even going so far as labeling its members as ‘Black Identity Extremist’.

This implicates not only the freedom of speech of the members of the respective group but sees a return of practices of the FBI from the times during the civil rights movements. Example includes spying on members of the group, etc.

This backlash is intensified, due to the Trump administration in which ‘black voters’ have less faith and trust. This can be seen when a similar report was produced during the Obama administration in 2016 but did not receive much backlash. Moreover, President Trump’s varying responses or condemnation towards different rallies or protests also became a cause for concern. For example, in the case of the rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in which President Trump was reluctant to criticize and label the rally as a terrorist attack/extremism.

Hence, with relations to the refusal of the US to vote for the anti-Nazi resolution at the UN, the definition of terrorism/extremism is fluid in which pro-Nazis speech is seen as more acceptable and ‘safe’ as opposed to pro-Black Lives Matter. This implicates members of the Black Lives Matter (on a micro level) group but also on how they react when there is an act of terrorism/extremism (on a macro level).