Elizabeth Train Station Explosion in New Jersey

 ⁠Key details:

19/09/2016 from Japan

-A blast occurred when a robot was examining one of 5 devices found in a train station in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

-Authorities said it was a controlled explosion.

-A homeless man found a possible explosive device, a pipe and wires in a white bag
The commuter train services were suspended and the area was evacuated.

-5 people were questioned by the FBI but none of them was charged

-Both NYC “bomb” and explosive device in New Jersey used flip-phones

-There were only one was detonated by the FBI bomb squad near a local pub and train station.

-The bombing was suspiciously related to the bombing near Seaside Park last Saturday.


Having two bombings in NJ in such short period is not normal and worth trying to link to incident. Comparing to Seaside bombing, the position of the Elizabeth bombing this time set place in a much more denser population area, this could imply that this was a step up of the bomber in Seaside Park, or this is totally an other bomber trying to impose the previous one. Since the last bombing is a bomb with “meaning” (against US marine), this Elizabeth bombing seems a bit plain as this looks like an ordinary terror attack.