Dyllan Roof inspired plan to attack South Carolina Synagogue thwarted by FBI

Key details:

17/02/2017 from Qatar


-29-year-old man named Benjamin Thomas Samuel McDowell, affiliated with white supremacist gangs
-Purchased a .40 caliber Glock handgun and ammunition
-Suspect planned a Dylann Roof-style massacre on a SC Synagogue
-Subsequently arrested by the FBI, who have been tracking him since December, in Myrtle Beach on Wednesday
-Dylann Roof was sentenced to death in January after being found guilty in the murder of nine African-American parishioners at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston in June of 2015

This is a case of 5GW whereby the suspect (Benjamin McDowell) was basing his intentions on a cause that has been building up – since the final days of the Obama administration – and especially in relation to the Trump administration. Identity politics was arguably brought to light in the Obama administration with the role of the mass media and the various available forms of social media has created a norm of reporting incidents such as this one to the public in real time.Thereby unveiling the struggles that have been occurring for years but only gaining widespread public attention with the influence of social movements like Black Lives Matter. McDowell mentioned in his Facebook posts that he has the mindset but lacks the means which is usual in 5GW as the main influence is the promulgation of ideas.

Thus, the political and the social blur to the point where it becomes more and more difficult to distinguish between the two. This echos to Buzan’s argument of the widening of the security agenda – that it is no longer the concern of politics and the military but is becoming ingrained in society’s norm and as an implication, its behaviour. How the Trump administration reacts to this will become a precedent for future incidents of a common nature. So far, it has not condemned the shooting that occurred in a mosque in Quebec recently which falls in line with its policy of eliminating solely Radical Islamic Terrorism. The criticism found here is that the focus is solely on Radical Islamic Terrorism with no mention of any other Radical Violent groups – namely those of white supremacy. Cases such as this one will likely be overlooked, but that has yet to be seen.