Drone attack by ISIS

Key points:

28/09/16  from Qatar

-3 Turkish soldiers slightly wounded in a drone attack by ISIS on 27/09/16.

-Meanwhile Turkish warplanes also destroyed four buildings used by ISIL.

-According to the military, Turkish artillery units deployed on the border fired 57 artillery rounds at 39 ISIL targets.

-According to Turkish General Staff a total of 1337 targets have been hit since the beginning of the operation on August 24.



With the use of drones by ISIS we can notice an evolution in warfare. This poses even a greater threat to international peace. Furthermore, in the past, USA was the only state using unmanned aerial vehicles. However, this has only encouraged it’s opponents to learn and adapt to this kind of an attack.

In conclusion, constructivism argues that divergent practices (5G) will generate divergent patterns and organization of world politics. It can also be argued that world politics is transforming to adapt to this development in VSTMs.