Diplomatic crisis between the Netherlands and Turkey

Key details:

13/03/2017 from Qatar


A diplomatic crisis surged between the Netherlands and Turkey where the Netherlands has prevented Turkish FM from landing in Rotterdam and has deported Turkey’s Family Minister  to Germany, with each country exchanging backlash against each other, it ended with Turkey sealing it’s diplomatic mission with the Netherlands. As the referendum for the constitutional changes for a presidential system of government in Turkey is closing in, in which Turkish citizens are to vote for their political system’s future. This would mean that a shift in constitutional changes in Turkey from being a parliamentary republic to a presidential centralised form of government that would give President Erdogan ‘unchecked’ parliamentary power and control at a time where Turkey is endeavouring to secure it’s southern border from US-backed YPG militants. The constitutional changes were met with harsh criticism from news outlets in Germany, authorities have also prevented Turkish ministers from discussing constitutional changes to Turkish residents in Germany despite formerly allowing rallies of PKK supporters of which militants of the group were responsible for several attacks in southeastern Turkey and Istanbul. The implications of the diplomatic issues between Turkey, the Netherlands, and Germany is a continuous isolation of Turkey from its NATO allies ever since the coup attempt on President Erdogan failed and the start of the Syrian crisis which lead to a clash of foreign policies between Turkey, Russia, and the United States on Syria’s future.