Cyber Security

Cyber Areas

We focus on cyber niche areas which are: cyber security Training, cyber incident advice, and Specialist Cyber Response teams.

We can deliver tactical and alternative cyber incident response team training to military and police units.


Cyber Security Training

We train military, police and special units in cyber security. The batlefield has changed in recent years and so must our responses. Inappropriate cyber related knowledge for tactical decision making is a common problem among police, airborne and maritime units responding to a cyber related incident.

Basic skills such as understanding: email viruses, Trojans, Internet worms, spyware, keystroke loggers, phishing/spear phishing, ransomware, internal and external risks, cyber vandalism, hacktivisim, botnets, carding, DDOS attacks, social engineering…

Cyber Protection Covers

Cyber security ignorance is no longer an option nor an excuse for data/network breaches. We teach how to operate from a position of breach, how to use defence in depth as a framework, and how to protect your networks and information using: encryption, IPS (intrusion protection system), mobile defence security, staff checks, anti-malware controls, UTM (unified threat management), firewalls, AV, VPS, SSL, Endpoint security, staff training, system baselining…

Project Details

  • Advanced persistence threats (APTs) from state and non-state actors and how they work
  • Command and control centres (C3) and how these can bring your networks down
  • Recognising cyber kills chains
  • Threats from current and ex-staff and how to circumvent these
  • Social engineering and how your own officers may be giving their info out on social media.