Cologne Shooting and Knife Attack

Key details:

15/08/2016 from Turkey

  • German media reported shooting and knife attack in  Cologne city center in the early hours of Monday, police and the public prosecutor’s office said, adding that there were no signs of a terrorist motive.
  • According to witness accounts cited by Koelner Express, there were three or four people in the street having an argument with the victim before they attacked him with a knife or knives.
  • When the victim tried to escape in his Mercedes, the attackers began shooting at him, but the bullets only hit the car, according to the witnesses. Later on suspect was caught on Habsburgerring road, but two more suspects remain at large.
  • There has been a spate of indiscriminate attacks against civilians in Germany in recent weeks, including two claimed by the Islamic State group and a mass shooting in Munich by a deranged 18-year-old that was also initially seen as terrorism-related.
  • The investigations are still ongoing.


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