Classified information stolen from the NSA: Harold T. Martin

Key Details:

23/10/2016 from U.S

Harold T. Martin is accused of stealing classified information from the NSA for over two decades. He was part of the elite unit TAO (Tailored Access Operations). The FBI raided his residence on August 27th, where they found 50 terabytes of classified data, paper copies of classified data, unregistered firearms which included AR platform rifle, Shotgun with pistol grip and a loaded handgun in his vehicle which is against Maryland laws. Martin was in contact with anonymous personnel on the internet where he was having communications in Russian and potentially other foreign languages. His own personal security was extensive, with encrypted communication, and software installed on his laptop that allows anonymous internet access. There have been inconclusive connections found between Martin and a mysterious organization that calls themselves the Shadow Brokers. That same group has posted NSA cyber weapons information for download during the summer. They are now requesting $6 million worth of bitcoin for the release of the exploits. Martin is the prime suspect in the FBI’s investigation. While raiding the residence they found handwritten letters describing classified information that was intended for individuals not familiar with the intelligence community. They also found an unsent letter on one of Martin’s laptops to coworkers that states “I’ve seen pretty much all of your tech secrets”. Martin is a Navy veteran that is described as an enigmatic loner by his coworkers.


Harold Martin case- with the information that Martin has stolen from the NSA and the connection he has to the shadow brokers it can be sold to the highest bidder or to the host country. They then can use that information to get into classified information just like how the Russians hacked into the servers. There could be a connection with the information that was stolen and with the Russian hacking.

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