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Attack in Münster

Drive by shooting in Italy

Manhattan subway explosion

Kuwait Visa Ban

Quebec Mosque Shooting

Tweet rampage after Aleppo

Stabbing cases in 2016

Explosion in North of Tokyo

Rocket attack in Antalya

Airstrike in Yemen

Syria: Aleppo Updates

Train crash to Manhattan

Drone attack by ISIS

Airstrike in Syria

Houston shootings

Outcome of Brexit: OECD

Eaton Centre Stabbing

Syrian Aid Convoy Attack

Bombs found in New Jersey

Ahmad Khan Rahami

Meat Cleaver Attack

Art Institute Atlanta Shooting

Manhattan Explosion

Joint Sea-2016 Manoeuvre

Who is Muhammad al-Yaqoubi?

Car bomb incident: Van, Turkey

Russian superhighway: US to UK

Car bombing in Baghdad Mall

Tullamarine Shooting

Copenhagen Shooting

Polisario Protest

 Suicide Attack: Iraq 

Car Bombing: Somalia 

Eid al-Adha on 9/11 

Truck Bomb in Somalia

Indonisian Attacker

US Cyber Attack

Who is Jesse Morton?

Who is Sally Jones?

 Attack near Karbala 

Bomb Attack in Yemen

Brussell’s Bomb Explosion

Reports of Shooting: Japan

Crossbow Attack in Toronto

Map of Syria’s civil war

ISIS Lions Cubs 

Shooting incident: Florida

Stabbing incident: CA

Peace Accord: Colombia

ISIS Districts: Turkey

Obama’s Visit to Laos

Puerto Vallarta Kidnapping

Diyarbakir Explosions

Turkey: Visa Freedom Wanted

Milwaukee Shooting

Turkey Failed Coup

French Jihadi Recruitment 

Explosion in France

Bomb Report in London

PKK kills 18 Soldiers

Protest in Argentina

Release of Turkish Prisoners

Idlib Hospital Bombing

San Diego Shooting

Yerevan Hostage Situation

Somerset: Hate Crime

Steglitz Shooting

Japan: Aleph

Japan: Uematsu

Japan: Disabled Victims

Japan: Stabbing Incident

Suicide Bombing: Ansbach

Fort Myers Shooting

Suicide Bombing: Baghdad

Kabul Bombing

Munich Shooting