Boycott of Women’s World Chess Championship

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7/10/2016 from Hong Kong

  • Wearing the hijab has been an integral policy of the Islamic republic since the 1979 revolution.
  • One of Iran’s most respected chess players has hit back at calls to boycott next year’s women’s world championship in Tehran over rules about the wearing of the hijab.

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23th June,2016 Woman in hijab claimed to have bomb during Bank robbery in Taylor


Due to increasingly number of attacks and bombs, people are more aware to hijab clothing in Eastern countries’ tradition and culture. It is because there were bombs carried by woman who wears hijab that the public would not be able to notice and recognise any facial distinctiveness. Therefore, the public is scared and women who wear hijab are more likely to be stopped and checked by police. This rise attention of groups which are concern of human rights and especially focus on women’s right on choosing their clothes.
‘My mom covered my sister’s legs with a blanket. Back then, nobody would argue further. People were scared.’ This directly implies women who choose to wear their hijab will be isolated and seen as terrorist. Also, this could be seen as a certain amount of racism in the society, in which woman who wears hijab constantly gets offend and be scared of, this cause a lot of woman to be scared to step out of their own house. Therefore, the boycotting has shown a raising concern of this social phenomenon (the attitude towards women wearing hijab).