Bombing near African Union Base

Key Details:


  • Two bomb blasts hit near the main entrance to Mogadishu’s Aden Adde airport, close to a base for African Union (AU) peacekeeping troops.
  • Al Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack
  • The first detonated a car bomb near the gates of the compound, which lies close to the airport, and the second tried to storm the base on foot.
  • The area surrounding Mogadishu’s airport is designated a secure “green zone” for foreign embassies as well as UN and AU peacekeeping forces.
  • Police said the first attacker detonated a car bomb and the second tried to storm the base on foot, but was shot and exploded at the gate.
  • At least 13 people mostly security forces died in the two car bomb blasts – 12 others were wounded.


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