Black Lives Matter Movement in London

Key Details:


– Racism towards black people. much higher chance that stopped and searched by police.

– Ongoing racist of police so trigger and provoke people to go on main streets. especially blocking main road entrances of main cities (Birmingham, Manchester).

– Black peoples more likely to be excluded by school (so average educational level is lower than white people) creating structural failure within society.

– Delays in Heathrow(not only for the locals but it damages the image of whole country n tourists must be more concerned of their own safety ) create rumours.

– Racist not only happening in the US but also in the UK but only people are not highly aware of them.

– Argue that why there is “unsuitable” force of the police while facing black people.

– Chaos at one of the busiest times of the year for transport networks (families travel in summer time).

– Attentions do not spread effectively across the UK as much as US (protest that with same message in 2011).